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Bringing Alaskans an Alaskan View of the Bristol Bay Pebble Mine 

About AlaskaYes


Who is AlaskaYes?


AlaskaYes is a 501C Non-Profit political action committee with the charter to bring to bear the necessary forces to protect the pristine waters of the Alaska Bristol Bay and its surrounding landscape, from the intrusive and dangerous activities of the Pebble Mine Partnership, LTD


Our Mission


AlaskaYes has the mission to harness the public, private, non-profit, political and governmental sectors into a united front and stand against the approval or establishment of the Pebble Mine Project in the Bristol Bay region. AlaskaYes will make the case for saving the heritage, livelihood, pristine waters, landscape and salmon fishery of the Bristol Bay region.


<<<< We Listen

The AlaskaYes Blog is your place to share your thoughts and opinions on Bristol Bay. You speak, we listen!

Alaska Legislators


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